Dogs at Work Stamps – A Unique Collection

Dogs at Work Stamps – A Unique Collection

Dogs at Work Stamps – A Unique Collection

Introducing the Dogs at Work full sheet of 20 x 65 cent stamps, Scott #4604-07. This collection showcases the remarkable working abilities of various dog breeds. Each stamp features a different breed, highlighting their specific roles and contributions in different fields.

Unveiling the Canine Heroes

1. Border Collie – The Herding Expert

The Border Collie stamp pays tribute to the breed’s exceptional herding skills. Known for their intelligence and agility, Border Collies have been invaluable in managing livestock for centuries.

2. German Shepherd – The Police Partner

The German Shepherd stamp honors the breed’s role as a police and military working dog. With their strength, loyalty, and keen sense of smell, German Shepherds have been instrumental in law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

3. Labrador Retriever – The Guide and Assistance Dog

The Labrador Retriever stamp celebrates the breed’s incredible ability to assist individuals with disabilities. Labradors are highly trained to guide the visually impaired, provide support to those with mobility issues, and even detect medical emergencies.

4. Saint Bernard – The Alpine Rescuer

The Saint Bernard stamp recognizes the breed’s legendary role in alpine rescues. With their massive size and endurance, these gentle giants have saved countless lives in treacherous mountain conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I purchase individual stamps from this collection?

A: Unfortunately, the Dogs at Work stamps are only available as a full sheet of 20 x 65 cent stamps. However, you can easily separate them if desired.

Q: Where can I buy the Dogs at Work stamps?

A: You can purchase the Dogs at Work stamps online through our official website or visit your local post office to check for availability.

Q: Are these stamps valid for international postage?

A: Yes, the Dogs at Work stamps can be used for both domestic and international postage. Please ensure you have the correct postage value for your intended destination.

Order Your Dogs at Work Stamps Today!

Don’t miss out on this unique collection of Dogs at Work stamps. Whether you’re a stamp collector or simply appreciate the incredible abilities of working dogs, these stamps are a must-have. Place your order today and celebrate the remarkable contributions of these canine heroes!

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