Folkingtons Cloudy Apple Juice – 12 x 250ml Bottles

Folkingtons Cloudy Apple Juice – 12 x 250ml Bottles

Folkingtons Cloudy Apple Juice – 12 x 250ml Bottles

Product Description:

Folkington’s Cloudy Apple Fruit Juice, 12 x 250ml Glass Bottles, is a premium fruit juice that uses the best quality ingredients to deliver a unique and delicious taste every time. This cloudy apple juice is perfect to enjoy in the mornings or on a warm Summer’s Day. Year-on-year, Folkington’s uses the same varieties of fruit sourced from the same farmers or farming communities. This not only ensures a consistent taste and quality but also helps provide a sustainable income to those communities.

Folkington’s is a family-owned business that specializes in premium soft drinks, mixers, and juices. They are passionate about sourcing specific fruit varieties and botanicals to create drinks that give you an experience you will love and remember. Their commitment to quality, provenance, and sustainability is at the core of everything they make.


  • 100% pure apple juice (not from concentrate)
  • Antioxidant: Vitamin C


Serve chilled.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Folkington’s, Arlington, East Sussex, BN26 6RU, UK.

APPLE JUICE: Made from blending the juice from two apple varieties, Russet and Jonagored, this cloudy apple juice is perfect alone or mixed with something a little stronger.

PREMIUM FRUIT JUICE: This fruit juice is part of a range that comes in 10 delicious varieties, guaranteeing there’s something for everyone. Using the best ingredients to deliver a unique, distinctive taste every time.

NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: With no artificial additives, sweeteners, or preservatives, these fruit juices are never made from concentrate and make a wonderful fruity addition to any cocktail.

SUSTAINABLE: Over 97% of Folkington’s ingredients are sourced from the same farms or farm co-operatives, giving these drinks a unique consistency in both quality and taste.

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: All of Folkington’s drinks are packed in easily recyclable packaging materials, and they always use cans or glass bottles instead of plastic.